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Veronica Elsea

I am an accomplished professional composer and performer, who is fortunate and daring enough to remain self-employed! I am a member of American Federation of Musicians local 153 and a writer member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).


I was educated in the California public school system, graduating from Temple City High in 1971.
I received my B.A. from Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1975.
My M.A. came from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, in 1977.
For both degrees, I studied viola and music composition.
Viola instructors included: Loren Peters, Dr. Robert Gross, and William Preucil.

Composition teachers included: Dr. Robert Gross, Dr. Richard Grayson, Dr. Richard Hervig, and Dr. D. Martin Jenni.
Of course, there was that most unforgiving teacher, Experience!

Performance Credits:

I have performed in numerous recitals as soloist or part of a chamber group from 1975-87. Many of these featured my own compositions or first performances of other new music. I worked as a section violist in the Santa Cruz County Symphony from 1981-87.
Most recently, I have performed as vocalist, presenting original music at specific events. However, I am now working primarily as a recording artist.


My work has been featured in several different venues, 1968 to present. Some highlights include: a full-length recital with related television performance by members of the Sigma Alpha Iota women's music fraternity in 1978; Recipient of the first commission awarded by the Santa Cruz New Music Works in 1982 for a trio called "Cold Wet and Soggy";
Created music and song lyrics for "Butterfly Dream" a play, translated from Chinese, performed at the University of California Santa Cruz in 1990;
performance of my 1978 hit, "Keys to Gracious Dining", for soprano and three tenors, at the 1993 Cabrillo Music Festival; provided music and sound affects for independent radio documentary on Telecommunications in 1994, (yes, it was aired nationally);
Two complete albums published to date: "Guide Dogs, First Hand", in 1998 and "The Guide Dog Glee Club", in 1999, now selling well in 8 countries.

Other professional music-related accomplishments:

I worked as a music copiest, 1977-80, transcribing lead sheets for local rock bands
Ear training instructor: 1977-95.
I served as union steward in the Santa Cruz County Symphony, 1985-87. I served the American Federation of Musicians in several capacities: board member of local 347 1985-86; Vice-President, 1986-89; President 1989-93 when local merged with local 153; Board member of AFM local 153, 1993-94; head of negotiating tteam for collective bargaining agreements in Santa Cruz County, 1989-93; board member, Northern California Chapter of Recording Musicians Association, 1995 to present.

Business training and Experience:

I'm learning fast! Teachers include: Time, common sense, Score, and a little help from my friends!

Studio equipment training: Peter Elsea; Director of Electronic Music Studios, University of California Santa Cruz.

CD production mentoring: Clark Ferguson; Bearswamp Studios, Macungie, Pennsylvania

Additional information:

If you found this page dry and boring, enjoy reading fascinating stories, or admit to being as nosy as I am, please feel free to follow the links on this page. There you can read about the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous! You'll learn how I got where I did, became who I am, and what I did on the way! Not only will you read about many of those formative contacts and experiences, but I'll share the emotions and affects that resulted.
So, time permitting, hit the tab, follow the link and enjoy the read. Besides, you never know! You just might see your name there!


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