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Compositions looking for a performance:

These works are finished! They're just waiting on my shelf for the phone to ring!

***Works not yet publicly performed!

"Ode to the Underdogs" 1985

This is a ten-minute work, scored for under-rated symphony orchestra in which all the traditional rolls are reversed. Yes, those first violins and oboes learn to count and accompany! After you've experienced this piece, you'll never feel the same about the back stands of second violins and violas, the timpani and many other unsung heroes of the orchestra. It is quite challenging in that both advanced technical facility and listening ability are required. But the music is expressive, with recurring haunting melodies that offer the listeners an unforgettable emotional experience!
(Note: Score available for your perusal! Individual parts not yet copied.)

"I Am a Twin" 1981

This is a 45-minute song cycle, scored for alto and string quartet. It contains five songs whose titles include: I Am a Twin, For the Mothers of Twins, For the Lovers of Twins, If Everyone Had a Twin, and For My Twin. These are complex, but emotional songs; some funny, some educational and the rest sentimental. And yes, I am a twin! There are people who really should hear this music! When you've heard it, if you don't have a twin, believe me, you'll want one!
This song cycle is definitely looking for professional performers! (Note: Score needs transcribing into print!)

***Works that deserve to be performed again:

"Keys to Gracious Dining" 1978

This is a three-movement work scored for soprano and three tenors! Yes, acappella! It is challenging for the singers and tremendous fun for the listeners. It has been performed several times, including the 1993 Cabrillo Music Festival, receiving great reviews. The movements are as follows:

1. How to Eat:
The text is taken from the etiquette section of a 1956 cookbook called, "Cooking Without Looking". While much of the advice given is basic and sound, the light-hearted musical delivery guarantees bursts of laughter at the overstated and sometimes condescending style in which the ridiculously detailed set of instructions for diners is written.
2. What to Eat:
The text for this movement comes from a 1978 menu at "Hamburg Inn number two", a little greasy spoon restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa. It was posted on an outside wall, just daring passersby to stop and take the challenge of reading it aloud without getting tongue-tangled! The name of each item was just like the previous one, but with one more word appearing somewhere. Most of the time, that word was "cheese". It just jumped out in the most unexpected places! It also served as the glue for a very funny canon.
3. How to Prepare It:
This final section features a musical presentation of a recipe for "oven-buttered toast", found in "Cooking Without Looking". Who knows why its creators didn't think a blind person could put a slice of bread in a toaster, but this ridiculous, messy, time-consuming recipe sure made a deliciously funny conclusion to a unique fifteen-minute musical treat!

(Note: Limited number of scores available because performers don't seem to want to part with them.)

"Duet My Whistle" 1984

This three-movement work, for two violas, pokes musical fun at a couple of drunks! All three performances of this work netted the desired responses from the audiences; yes, laughter in all the right places! The movements are titled: First Draft, Droning My Sorrows and Another Round. The individual parts are not overly difficult technically, but good teamwork is required. The unusual modern melodic style and special affects give the audience a good chuckle and about ten very entertaining minutes. (Note: Scores and program notes available)

"Josie" © 1974

This is a sweet, simple song, written for my twin sister's first guide dog, a German Shepherd named Josie. It is arranged for 3-part women's chorus with guitar accompaniment in chord form provided. It is available in both German and English. This tonal folksy song is a great ending for a nice concert. You don't have to know my sister or any guide dog to appreciate the gorgeous lyrics, melody and choral arrangement. It lasts only a few minutes, but its powerful affect on each listener will last for years! (Scores and program notes available)

If you're interested in performing any of these, oh, just let me know!


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