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Certified green "Digipaks"

Picture of We Woof You a Merry Christmas Digipak

The CD replication and packaging was all done by Oasis Manufacturing.
• All Oasis board and paper packaging is printed on 100% Green Forestry Practices certified stock. Green Forestry Practices certified means they don't promote forest monoculture, clear-cutting of virgin, old-growth timber, nor contribute to other destructive forestry practices.
• Over 99% of the inks they use to create Oasis projects are eco-friendly, vegetable-based inks.
• All the scrap polycarbonate, board, paper, and other industrial waste that can be effectively reused is captured in their plant for recycling.
• All of their manufacturing is domestic and nearly all of it is done under their own auspices, leading to one of the lower carbon footprints in the industry.
The crystal-clear flex trays which hold the CDs, called BottleTrays™, are made from 100% post-consumer soda and water bottles! It's kind of nice to think that every 1000 trays made keeps 400 bottles out of landfills.
As you look at the tray, notice the hub in the center. It doesn't have those annoying points that are supposed to help hold the CD but often break off, rendering the thing useless as a CD holder. Besides, there's nothing sharp to harm an exuberant dog whose teeth  grab more than they should, trying to dislodge their favorite album from its package.
And of course, as nice as the packaging is, nothing beats what you hear when you play the CD!
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