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If you have never used PayPal to order online before, and just want to know what to expect, this page is for you!
I have tried to make my part of this form as accessible as possible. Unfortunately, I can not completely control your browsing experience on the PayPal web site. So I hope I can provide a few hints that will make the process of buying my music go more easily and smoothly. If you have any problems with my descriptions or with the PayPal form itself, please, please let me know. I really want this experience to be pleasant and simple.
Note: During your visit to PayPal, you will encounter three or four different pages. In this tutorial, you can jump by heading to get to the description of the next or previous page.

So, on with the details

The first page:

Your experience will vary depending on your browser and operating system. But here are some general comments. Since PayPal makes use of poorly written java script, all of these pages are a bit messy. When you first reach this page, you may hear log in log in log in login, frame false. Ignore all gibberish like that and continue down the page. You will find "choose a way to pay". Then you'll find your order summary. Here you may find items repeating themselves, repeating themselves, repeating themselves! Don't worry. It doesn't mean your order has been increased. As you read through this page, you'll find lists containing the name of the recording you bought, the price which will reflect the number of copies you bought, the price per recording, then the quantity of that recording you bought. Note: If you've purchased any copies of "From The Song Banks of Laurel Creek", below the item price you will find options. The options are the specific songs you've selected. In many browsers you will find part of the first songs' name on one line, then all of the songs listed on the next line. Some browsers start reloading when they hit the song titles. Just more java gibberish! Below the quantity for the last recording you've ordered, you'll find a separate list item called "item total", which is really the total of all of the items you've ordered. Internet Explorer 8 users may find this more confusing because this final total isn't displayed as a separate list. It can look like it is a part of the list above it. Below the lists of items you'll find tax and the amount of tax you'll pay. Then you'll find shipping and handling, button, loading. Don't worry about the button or the word loading. This is just more java stuff. Continue reading and you'll come to the shipping amount. Then finally you'll find the word "total:" and the amount of your order and the currency type. Something like $23.75 USD." Here's an example of an order, buying 1 "From The Song Banks of Laurel Creek " CD containing 3 songs and 2 "We Woof You A Merry Christmas" CDs: Your order summary Descriptions Amount Link, From The Song Banks of Laurel Creek… Link, From The Song Banks of Laurel Creek CD $4.00 Item price: $4.00 Options: Link, Song #1:: For Thee I Si… Link, Song #1:: For Thee I Sing!, Song #2:: It's Y2k!, Song #3:: My Daddy Was A Cowboy! Quantity: 1 Link, We Woof You A Merry Christmas CD Link, We Woof You A Merry Christmas CD $20.00 Item price: $10.00 Quantity: 2 Item total $24.00 Tax $2.10 Shipping and handling: Button. loading $6.00 Total $32.10 USD Loading.. Loading ... Below your order summary, after something like "loading, loading" you will find "choose a way to pay." In this section, sighted people see two choices: "Pay with PayPal account" or "don't have a PayPal account?" You must expand the choice you want to use. By default when you go in, "pay with PayPal account" is expanded. So if that's what you want to do, you can proceed to the first edit box, which will likely be filled in with your email address if you already have a PayPal account. Then go to the next edit box and enter your password, then click the "log in" button. If you want to pay with a credit card, continue past these edit boxes till you find a button labeled "Don't have a PayPal account?" Alternatively, after reading your order summary, you can just type your screen-reader's command to go to the next button (usually the letter B) repeatedly until you hear "don't have a PayPal account?" button. If you click this button, you have then expanded this item. Doing this changes the look of the page, rather than loading a different page. If you are using browse mode, virtual cursor or Quicknav, you will need to turn it back on at this point as the pages do not reload automatically.

Second page, if paying with a credit or debit card:

When you click the "don't have a PayPal account" button, you will eventually hear something like: "billing billing billing." Once you reload the page, you will first find your order summary, which looks just like it did before you changed the way to pay on the first page. But the "choose a way to pay" section looks different. You will first find the button labeled pay with your PayPal account, but there are no edit boxes for your email address. Instead you'll find the following text: Log in to your account to complete the purchase Pay with a debit or credit card (Optional) Join PayPal for faster future checkout Then you'll find the combo box where you can choose your country. By default, US is selected. Below this is the edit box where you can type in your credit card number. If you want, from the top of the page you can jump right to this edit box, where you can enter your credit card number. If you find this edit box by reading through the page, you will notice that below this edit box there are radio buttons for the different credit card types, Visa, MasterCard, etc. However, once you type your credit card number in the edit box, the correct radio button gets checked automatically. In fact, once you enter the card number, if you hit tab to go to the next field, it will skip right past these radio buttons. You will land in the edit box where you can type the expiration month for your card, two digits. Then you move to the edit box where you enter the expiration year, also two digits. In the next edit box, you are asked for the CSC, card security code. Following this you will come to billing information. PayPal automatically fills this in with the shipping address which you provided on my form. If this is not your billing address, right after the address shown, you will find a "change" button. If you click this, you will land in an edit box containing the first name. Starting to type in this field doesn't necessarily erase the name that's there, so it's best to delete what's there and then type the new information. After the billing address, comes a link that says "Why is this needed?" This relates to phone type, which is the next item. Past this link, you will find the combo box for "phone type." The default choice is home. By the way, if you've changed the billing address and gotten to this combo box by using the tab key, you may only hear, "Why is this needed? home." Enter the combo box if you wish to give PayPal a mobile or work phone number. After this comes the edit box in which you can enter the phone number where PayPal can contact you if there's a problem. Next you will find an edit box for your email address, which is already filled in with the email you entered on my form. Below is the "review and continue" button. Once you click this button, if something isn't correct on your form, PayPal will usually announce the error as you land back on this page, so you can fix any mistake. In other words, you hear the error and you haven't gone to a different page. Once you fix any error, you can click "review and continue" again. If after a short pause, you hear something like "review review review" this means you filled out the billing page correctly.

Review Page, when paying with credit or debit card:

Once again, you need to turn on browse mode, virtual cursor or QuickNav if you want to read this page. If you start reading down from the top of this page, you will notice a "pay now" button before you've reviewed your order. Don't worry; there's another one further down the page. If you continue reading, you'll find your order, along with the shipping address, as well as your credit card and contact information. Then there is a second "pay now" button, which you can click to actually place your order. After a short pause, you'll hear, "loading loading." Then you will be on what I call the PayPal annoyance page. On this page, PayPal takes one more shot at trying to get you to sign up for a PayPal account.

PayPal Annoyance Page:

On this page, you will once again find your order summary. Then you'll come to the text: "Create a PayPal account optional." If you don't want to create a PayPal account, you can just jump down to the "no, thanks" button and click it. If you really really don't want to create an account, before clicking this button, arrow down and you'll find a checkbox that says, "don't ask me again," which you can check. If you do want to create an account, you will find an edit box which is filled in with the email address you provided on my form. If you want to use a different email as your PayPal login, simply go into the edit box and change the email address. Next you will find an edit box where you can write in a password and another edit box where you reconfirm your password choice. Below that is a checkbox which you can check if you say yes, I've read and understood several PayPal agreements and policies. There are links to each of these. Below these links you'll find the "agree and create account" button. Below this is the "no, thanks" button, should you change your mind. Below the "no, thanks" button is a checkbox which says, "don't ask me again," which you can check if you like. Once you've clicked either button, your order is actually processed.

Second page, if you have a PayPal account:

When you click the "log in" button, you may hear something like "review review review." Once you turn on browse, virtual cursor or QuickNav and get past the java gibberish, you'll find your order summary, which looks the same as it did on the first page. Below your order summary, you will find the text, "review your information." Below the text, there is a "pay now" button. Don't worry; there is another button further down. Below the button is the shipping address. If you entered a different shipping address on my form, PayPal will give you a message that the shipping address is different than your preferred shipping address. It gives you the opportunity to return to my store and change it if you'd like. It then shows you the shipping address for this order, followed by a checkbox which you can check if you want this address to become your preferred shipping address. Then it says, loading, again. Then you come to payment methods. The first thing you come to is a "change" button, which would allow you to pay with a stored credit card instead of your PayPal account. Then you are shown your PayPal account balance. You then come to an edit box where you can enter a PayPal gift card code, followed by a "redeem" button. Below this it shows your contact email address. Below this is that second "pay now" button, which you can click to finally place your order.

Final page:

Whew! Once your order is processed, you will then be returned to the "thank you" page on my screen-reader-friendly web site. That is, unless you have redirects blocked in your browser. If this is the case, you will hear something like "loading loading" and find a thank you page from PayPal, telling you that you have just placed an order, giving you your receipt number. Even if you don't make it back on to my web site, you will still get an email receipt and I will get an email containing your order.

I hope this explanation proves helpful to you. So go ahead! Try it now!
Here's the secure online ordering link.
If you're still feeling timid, here's the offline ordering link.
Otherwise, enjoy the rest of this site. Tell your friends!

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