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We Woof You A Merry Christmas


Thanks for allowing me to share with you, my deep and sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make this beautiful album a reality.
Some of you lent your skills to me; some of you cheered me on; some of you listened to me fret and complain on the rough days; some of you didn't even know you helped!
So thank you, thank you, thank you! A giant round of applause for all humans and dogs who have been a part of this Christmas fun.
Yes, of course I'll thank Santa for putting my album in soooooo many stockings this year!
Now, if your name isn't on this list, you just might be in the group of people I need to happily thank for purchasing this album.
But if you think you've been accidentally left out, please feel free to bark at me and I'll rectify that, for sure.


Arranged and performed by Veronica Elsea (Well, I'm thankful I did it!)
Producing and publishing: Laurel Creek Music Designs, Santa Cruz, California

Studio design, programming and hand holding: Peter Elsea
Assistance with sample editing: Peter Elsea and David Young

Cover photographs: Dennis Gillett of Gillett Photography, Emmaeus, Pennsylvania
and Peter Elsea, Santa Cruz, California

Design and graphics: Elizabeth Stehman, Rittenhouse Graphics, Macungie, Pennsylvania

CD replication:   Oasis Disc Manufacturing Delair, New Jersey

Flyer printing: Community Printers Santa Cruz, California

Web site layout and photos: Peter Elsea, Santa Cruz California
Web site online order form: Len Burns; Santa Cruz, California 831-420-1828 or


Guide dog vocalists:
German shepherds: Ellie, Reina, Hardy, Omalai and Hugh; Cameo run-on appearance: Admiral
Labrador Retriever: L'Orange
Guide dogs in cover photos:
German Shepherds: Ellie and Gunther
Labrador retrievers: L'Orange, Frisky, Isaac, Herman and Zipper
Golden retriever: Renn

Thanks, all of you for enriching my life as well as  this project!

Now, would you like to finish off those extra crumbs and tidbits?
Would you like to read more about We Woof You A Merry Christmas?
If you haven't done so yet, are you now ready to order your copy?
Merrrurrrurrrurrrurry Christmas!



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