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Purchasing A Download Gift Card

If you're buying my album for yourself, yes, you can download it directly. If this sounds good to you, check out
Where else can you buy "We Woof You A Merry Christmas?"
But if you're buying my album for someone else, this is an easy way to give my album as a gift to someone who prefers to have music on his or her computer in mp3 format rather than on a physical CD.
If you purchase a download gift card, what you will receive looks and feels like a business card. On it you will find a small picture of my album cover, the album title, a 12-digit download code and the name of the web site from which you will be downloading the album. This card allows you to download my album once from the specified web site.
Download cards are available for:
We Woof You A Merry Christmas

Picture: Front of We Woof You A Merry Christmas download card

Redeeming a Download Gift Card

Download cards are redeemed at

Once you click on the above link, look for an edit box in which you can enter the 12-digit code. Then click the "redeem" button and you will be taken to my album's page on their web site. You can then download the album in mp3 format, including all tracks as well as the art work and text found in the CD package.
If you have any other questions about this download card, you can find answers at
For those of you who are visually impaired, the DigStation web site is fairly accessible. Once you enter your code, you'll check the check box which corresponds to my album title. When you click "check out" you'll be taken to a registration page. The edit boxes are not standard. It's not always really clear which edit box matches which label. It took a few tries, but I did manage to complete the form, but others have given up in frustration. I'm working with DigStation to resolve this difficulty.

If you have any problems downloading or if you loose your card, feel free to contact me.

Download cards cost only $12 each, with a $1 shipping charge, regardless of how many cards you buy. If you purchase download cards in addition to any CDs or cassettes, there is no extra shipping charge for the cards.
So now, if you'd like, read more about "We Woof You A Merry Christmas" or just go straight to my order page.



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