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If you're one of those for whom the "how" just wasn't enough, welcome to my toy box! I'm thrilled to show off the toys that allowed me to bring you this album.
If you have any questions about how I used them, feel free to visit my studio page or email me.

Original recording of the dogs:
Ellie and Reina: Sony DAT recorder with Shure SM7 mic
L'Orange: Teac DAT recorder with Shure SM7 mic
Hardy: Mrantz PMD671 flash recorder with Schoeps CMXY4V mic
Omalai, Hugh and Admiral: Sony PCM-D1 flash recorder, using built-in mic

Sampler: Emu systems E64 (okay, two of them)

Sequencer: Cakewalk Systems Sonar Producer Edition 6.2
Album recorded on Radar V24 from iZCorp Technologies
Radar controlled by program: RadarWatch, written by Peter Elsea

Mixed using Yamaha DM1000 digital mixer
Mixing assisted by program: YamaSet, written by Peter Elsea

Programs used: Sony Sound Forge 8.0
and Sony CD Architect 5.2

If you want to know more, feel free to go back and pick up leftover crumbs and tidbits.

And if you're still not full, there is plenty more you can read about We Woof You A Merry Christmas.

Of course, you can purchase the results of the work with all these toys on my order page. Then enjoy your new toy! And don't forget to buy one for each of your friends.



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