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The Guide Dog Glee Club

Every dog will want one! Humans won't believe their ears! Dogs! Dogs! All dogs!
Read on for more details!

Here is the Cover of Guide Dog Glee Club, 
which shows Veronica conducting a 14 member chorus of guide dogs, 
using a large dog biscuit. The title says Veronica Elsea, The Guide Dog Glee Club. "The Guide Dog Glee Club" is the second recording I released. It was created in response to a great outcry from fans of "Guide Dogs, First Hand". "We want to hear the dogs! Just the dogs!" Well, here they are! There are five songs in which every sound is a direct quote from a dog. I started with 249 samples of two guide dogs and used a sequencer program to arrange and combine pitches, creating this original music.

The song titles are as follows:

1. Lied in C Minor
2. Barkarole
3. Adogio
4. Paw de Deux
5. The Juno Waltz
6. Artist Reads Liner Notes
Yes, once again, I read the text in the CD booklet and describe all photos and graphics. However, while reading, I am visited by other entertaining animals.

Here is a picture of Ellie, 
my black and tan GSD (retired). Her head is turned and 
her nose is pointed towards the text as if she's reading it.Response to this CD has been tremendous. Comments have included,
"I've never laughed so hard in my life!..."
"Oh, my dog must have this!..."
"I've never heard anything like this; I can't believe these are just dogs!..."
"Help! My cats ran into the bedroom and won't come out!..."
" Dogs have stared at speakers, barked along, and pestered their humans to purchase a copy."
It is pure fun! The Guide Dog Glee Club is even listed in a directory of choral groups in northern California.

The Guide Dog Glee Club will happily serenade you for only $10 per CD or cassette.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to download and listen to any of the short samples on this page. You'll find two versions of each song sample. Both are in mp3 format, but one gives you higher fidelity, the other gives you a faster download.
Otherwise, if you haven't already seen it, take a moment to find out how "We Woof You A Merry Christmas", to learn about "Guide Dogs, First Hand", to make that appointment to check up on "Diabetes Melodious", and if you haven't already heard them, peruse the list of new songs, From The Song Banks Of Laurel Creek. Then I hope to see you on my order page.
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If you've never downloaded music from the internet before, and want to know what to expect, you can read all about it by following the link titled Downloading and Saving Audio Files. Then enjoy the music!

MP3 Excerpts

"The Juno Waltz" ( high fidelity 553Kb)

"The Juno Waltz" (faster download 163Kb)

"Adogio" (high fidelity 423Kb)

"Adogio" (faster download 195Kb)




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