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Have you ever wanted to buy an album containing just the songs you like?
Have you ever really wanted a new song, only to find out that it's on an album scheduled for release in six months?
Then this one's for you!
Read on for more details!

From The Song Banks Of Laurel Creek is a CD or cassette containing songs which you select from the current list of my new releases that aren't yet part of a complete album. For each custom CD or cassette you order, the cost is just $2 for the first song, and $1 for each additional song.

Current titles available include:

For Thee I Sing!

This song was written while waiting to hear if my country was going to take military action against Iraq and if our congress would pass a stronger version of the Patriot Act. I was afraid of the consequences of both! I wondered if I was about to lose the life style I'd come to know, just because no one had the courage to ask questions, disagree or propose something different. I hoped that setting my heart-felt plea to music would show me that I wasn't alone, would comfort and inspire others, and would contribute something, however small towards changing the behavior of my beloved country. It just felt better to sing than to be suspicious of my friends and neighbors.
Review: Reactions range from thoughtful silence to tears.
Quotes from Listeners: "Wow!" "This is the most powerful song you've written to date; the most stunning orchestration I've ever heard!"; "You should send this to…" "Regardless of political affiliation, this song makes you think."

Life's Just Too Dot Complicated!

This song was written for those of you who are sometimes overwhelmed by, frustrated with, or cynical about surfing the web. It's about those of you who love it! This hilarious, yet thought-provoking song examines how the internet has changed our families, our daily routines and our attitudes about many different aspects of life.
Review: Audiences laughed and cheered! People still quote lyrics weeks later.

Just Another Log In The Road

This song was originally written for, and performed at "Big Basin Friendship Days", an event held for Soroptimist International of the Americas at Big Basin Redwood State Park, located in the Santa Cruz mountains. This moving song takes a detailed look at those things we normally step over and take for granted by exploring how we benefit from the history, the presence and the passing of all living things.
Review: This is my most requested song, receiving standing ovations from audiences. Not a dry eye in the house!

It's Y2k!

This song was written just after realizing that the world didn't actually fall apart on January 1, 2000. But my cute Y2k bugs needed work! So if you think you're sick of Y2k stuff, this one's for you!
This whimsical, yet historical song traces the preparation, contradictory advice, media coverage and fear that preceded Y2K and the reality of its arrival.
Review: Quotes from listeners: "I love the bugs!" "What a fantastic orchestration!" "The words actually make sense!" "This is the funniest, best Y2k song I've heard!"

My Daddy Was A Cowboy!

This song was originally written as a Father's Day gift for my dad. If you've ever wanted to meet a real cowboy, here's your chance. If you already know one, you'll surely recognize him here.
This sentimental ballade is a true portrait of my dad's life, focusing on how he felt as life's changes required him to wear many different hats, that of family man, city dweller and retiree. And yes, my daddy is a cowboy!
Review: Quotes from listeners: "Wow, it's not what I expected at all! It really made me think." "Even the music puts the cowboy into a different style. It's beautiful and sort of sad." "The rhythms are interesting and a bit out of step too." "Boy, I want to meet that man!"

If you'd like to learn more about these songs, feel free to download and listen to any of the short samples on this page. You'll find two versions of each song sample. Both are in mp3 format, but one gives you higher fidelity, the other gives you a faster download.

To get your customized copy of From The Song Banks Of Laurel Creek, as well as my other recordings: "Diabetes Melodious", "We Woof You A Merry Christmas", "Guide Dogs, First Hand" and "The Guide Dog Glee Club", just visit my order page!
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MP3 Excerpts

"For Thee I Sing!" (High Fidelity 1.3Mb)

"For Thee I Sing!" (Faster Download 664Kb)

"Just Another Log In The Road" (High Fidelity 1.1Mb)

"Just Another Log In The Road" (Faster Download 423Kb)

"My Daddy Was A Cowboy!" (High Fidelity 1.2Mb)

"My Daddy Was A Cowboy!" (Faster Download 455Kb)

"Life's Just Too Dot Complicated!" (High Fidelity 1.1Mb)

"Life's Just Too Dot Complicated!" (Faster Download 455Kb)

"It's Y2k!" (High Fidelity 1.2Mb)

"It's Y2k!" (Faster Download 423Kb)



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