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Digipak Text and Art Work Descriptions

It is important to me that my albums be completely accessible to everyone who purchases them. To that end, on this page you will find descriptions of the layout and art work, as well as the text which is found on each panel of the digipak. I also describe the download gift card.
If you are giving this album to a blind or visually impaired person who is not able to access this web page, please contact me and I'll happily provide this information in one of the following formats: Email, MS-Word, plain text file or Braille.

On this page, each panel has its own heading.

General Description

If your CD is still shrink-wrapped, you'll notice a sticker at 12:00. This is just for use by stores. It makes the CDs easier to scan when they're sitting in a display rack.

Once your digipak is unwrapped, for orientation purposes, think of it as a book. The front cover is located on the panel which you'll open to the left to then discover the fun that lies inside. There is also writing on the spines of the package, at 9:00 and at 3:00.
As you open the digipak, you'll notice a panel on the left and a second one in the middle. The right-most section contains the clear flexible tray which holds the CD. When the CD is removed, there is text and art work under the tray, which shows through. If you fold the tray section back in, to the left so it covers the middle panel, you'll find a panel which I'll call "back of tray. If you continue to fold the digipak to the left so that the "back of tray" panel covers the "left panel", you'll notice the real back cover
Did that make sense? If you're holding the digipak during this description, go ahead and flip back to the front cover and enjoy the details!

Outside Sticker

The text appears only on the top edge of the sticker. The sides of the tape which cover the front and back of the digipak are completely clear.
The text reads: We Woof You A Merry Christmas; The Guide Dog Glee Club.
Then my bar code is displayed.

The spines

The text on the two spines, at 9:00 and 3:00 is identical. Written in white lettering on a green background, it reads:
We Woof You A Merry Christmas LC-908
Note: In case you're curious, this is my Laurel Creek Music Designs catalog number, which is almost never actually used by anyone.

Front Cover

The majority of this panel contains the picture. You see the front of my house, which is decorated with a garland of pine cones and pine boughs. On my door, you see a large wreath which features big bows, more pine cones and greenery, and in the center, a large fuzzy teddy bear. I'm standing in my doorway, with the teddy bear next to my right arm, wearing a red sweater and white slacks. I'm looking out and slightly down at 7 dogs on my front porch, facing me, almost in a semi-circle. You see 3 labs and 4 German shepherds, all with big golden bows on their harnesses. The guide dogs are looking at me as if they've come a-caroling, except for one black lab, who is looking back at the camera. Yes, ahem, that's L'Orange! One of mine!

Across the top of the panel, in big curly gold letters, is the title: We Woof You A Merry Christmas.

On the left, you see gold lettering over a background which is a vertical green band. To read the text, you need to rotate the digipak 90 degrees so that the 9:00 spine is now on the top. The text, in two lines, one above the other, reads:
The Guide Dog Glee Club 
Veronica Elsea.

Inside Left Panel

Here you find the following text:

We Woof You A Merry Christmas

1. Joy To The World
This traditional melody should be easy to spot. But can you find the humorous musical reference elsewhere?
2. I Wonder As I Wander
Can you hear the lone dog in the distance, wondering and wandering?
3. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
This traditional carol is set in three-part harmony.
4. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The dogs are acting out the actual lyrics of the song you know. If you don't want to miss the fun, you may want to chase down the words to that second verse! Remember, horns, drums, dolls, and cars? See if you can figure out what the dogs are doing.
5. Carol Of The Bells
Does this sound like your choir? See if you can follow all three parts.
6. Silent Night
This sweet song includes many of the familiar harmonies with a special canine flavor.
7. O Come, O Come Emanuel
Imagine the meaning of the word "come" to a dog and enjoy the anticipation in this unusual arrangement.
8. The Friendly Beasts
See if you can identify the four different animals who describe their contributions, noticing the different personalities.
9. Nuttin' For Christmas
In this version, the dogs tell their own stories and act out their mischievous deeds, as well as singing the familiar refrains and choruses. Do you think Santa will be sympathetic?
10. Lullay, thou Little Tiny Child
This haunting melody is set in four-part harmony.
11. Winter Wonderland
Picture a dog's unleashed joy upon experiencing all that winter offers as you listen to this cheery choral arrangement.
12. Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep
This song is also set in four-part harmony. Of course the melody is really sung by German Shepherds!
13. What Child Is This?
Which dog is this? Enjoy the special canine rhythms which accompany this old familiar carol.
14. O Christmas Tree
Can you imagine what these dogs might be thinking about as they stand around the Christmas tree and sing in four-part harmony?
15. O Holy Night
This version is every bit as reverent and moving as your favorite human recording. Even your dogs may be reaching for a tissue.
16. We Woof You A Merry Christmas
We really do!!! Everyone joins in for this festive finale, even those who----well, see if this reminds you of any of the Christmas sing-alongs you've attended! And no, none of these dogs ever got any figgy pudding!

The album title is written in the same curly font found on the front cover. The song titles are in green, everything else is in black.

Inside Middle Panel

In the upper right corner, you see a big gold bow, taken from the picture of a wreath which appears under the clear flexible CD tray. The following text is printed in black:

How I Went to the Dogs

The Real Scoop

Auditions for this glee club took place during a fifteen-year period from 1993 to 2008. Okay, the real truth now! Over the years, I've recorded the sounds of my and my twin sister's guide dogs as they played, barked and vocalized. I then spent hours listening to the recordings , searching for interesting sounds, specific pitches as well as useful phrases. My first discovery was that dogs don't always sing the exact pitches that we expect to hear. They are always gliding or moving. One sound can often be used as two different pitches,  depending on which other dog notes are matched with it.

As these were recordings of daily life, many wonderful sounds were rejected because of background noise, or humans talking. However, some were just so useful and charming that they survived, toenail, tag and all. If you listen closely, You may notice that some of the dogs are actually singing with toys in their mouths, or while schlurping me.

Altogether, 513 sounds were chosen and then recorded into a sampling synthesizer. I then used my computer to arrange them in the order and combination desired for each song. I did not process or alter these sounds in any way. Every sound you hear is a direct quote from a dog. Yes, the bass, the chords, the melody---dogs! Dogs! All dogs!! Even the sounds of the dog toys were allowed only when a dog was squeaking or throwing them without the help of any human. Their pitches determined the key signatures; their phrases determined the tempos of the songs.

The glee club singers include six German Shepherds and one lab. As you listen to them, just imagine the fun these dogs had during their auditions. Well, okay, I admit it! I think some of the lyrics being sung to the tune of our beloved carols just might relate to wanting dinner!
For me, it was a real pleasure spending so much time with them in my studio, creating this CD.

The CD

The background coloring on the CD is Green, with lettering that looks either silvery or gold, depending on how the light hits it. Across the top is the title, We Woof You A Merry Christmas in the same font as on the cover.
Across the bottom, there two lines of text:
Veronica Elsea
The Guide Dog Glee Club
At 9:00 there is a silvery version of the Laurel Creek Music Designs logo. A full description of my logo can be found on my credits page.
At 3:00, the text on several lines reads:
Produced by Laurel Creek Music Designs
Total time: 45:02

Under the Clear CD Tray

Through the clear tray, you see a large wreath made of dog biscuits, with a huge gold bow at the top. Centered, on top of the wreath, is the text:
I Wonder As I Wander:

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town:

Carol Of The Bells:

Nuttin' For Christmas:

Winter Wonderland:

Embossed into the tray itself, in very small type, is the text: 100% post-consumer, recycled, and the number six.
Note: I have no idea what the 6 means.

On Back of Tray

In the lower right corner of this panel, you see the same gold bow which appears on the inside middle panel.
There are several blocks of text in black lettering.
First block:
You can find more detailed information about the creation of this CD along with the text of this insert and descriptions of the photos at:

Second block:
It is with love and gratitude that I dedicate this CD to all of the dogs who have worked their way into my heart and made such a positive difference in the quality of my life. To them I say, "Merrrurrrurrrurrrurry Christmas! May Santa be good to you this year! Just remember, he can't fill your stockings if you chew them up!"
To all humans reading this, "Merry Christmas! May this CD bring love and laughter to you and your dogs! And feel free to sing along!!!

Third block:
Technical assistance
Studio design, programming and hand holding: Peter Elsea
Assistance with sample editing: Peter Elsea and David Young

Cover photograph: Dennis Gillett of Gillett Photography, Emmaeus, Pennsylvania
and Peter Elsea, Santa Cruz, California

Design and graphics: Elizabeth Stehman, Rittenhouse Graphics, Macungie, Pennsylvania

Back Cover

Loosely described, this panel is divided into four quadrants.
Upper right
Here you see a picture, which is a small version of the front cover of The Guide Dog Glee Club. A chorus of dogs are sitting, looking at the large dog bone, which I'm holding in my hand as I conduct the glee club. But in this picture I'm wearing a red jacket.
Above the dogs' heads, there are two blocks of text:
In green lettering: Dogs! Dogs! All dogs!
In black lettering: Every sound on this CD is a direct quote from a dog.

Below the picture is the following block of text:
Ā© 2008 Veronica Elsea
Laurel Creek Music Designs
1306 Laurel Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3519
Phone: (831) 429-6407 or
toll-free: (877) 607-6407
Web site:
To the right of that block of text, it reads:
Arranged and performed by Veronica Elsea

My bar code is displayed just to the right of the word "arranged".

Upper left quadrant: The title, We Woof You A Merry Christmas appears in the same font as on the front cover. But the title spreads out so that the "S" in Christmas is kind of on top of my head.
Below the title you find the following text:
1. Joy To The World 2:23
2. I Wonder As I Wander 2:23
3. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 1:39
4. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 3:59
5. Carol Of The Bells 1:29
6. Silent Night 3:18
7. O Come, O Come Emanuel 4:00
8. The Friendly Beasts 3:15
9. Nuttin' For Christmas 3:23
10. Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child 1:44
11. Winter Wonderland 2:35
12. Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep 1:01
13. What Child Is This? 4:02
14. O Christmas Tree 1:44
15. O Holy Night 4:04
16. We Woof You A Merry Christmas 2:54
Total time: 45:02

Lower left quadrant: Here you see the Laurel Creek Music Designs logo, exactly as described on my credits page.
To the right of my logo, the text reads:
Produced and published by Laurel Creek Music Designs; Santa Cruz, California

To the right of those words, there are two logos: One for recycled and the other, certified green.

Download Gift Card

On the front of the card:

The background is a closeup of part of the dog biscuit wreath, showing one corner of the bow and some of the dog biscuits.
Over that, on the left is a thumbnail version of the front cover.
To the right, you find the Title, We Woof You A Merry Christmas in its familiar font.
Below the title, the text reads: The Guide Dog Glee Club.

On the back of the card:

You see the DigStation logo, which is a stylized hand giving a thumb's up.  The text which completes this side of the card reads as follows:
Visit to download your music!
Artist: The Guide Dog Glee Club
Album: We Woof You A Merry Christmas
Code: (Your 12 digit code)
Redeem this download card at Unique code is good for one complete album download and may not be re-used. No cash value. Temporary DigStation registration, which is free, is included in the activation process. For terms please see Copyright 2008 DigStationā„¢. Printed on recycled stock with a minimum 10% post-consumer fiber.

Note: I was able to easily scan the card and read the unique download code.

If any of these descriptions are unclear, or if you have any questions about them, by all means, contact me and I'll do my best to clear up the confusion!
And now that you've gotten your own private preview of the packaging, feel free to learn even more about We Woof You A Merry Christmas.
And if you haven't purchased your copy yet, I hope to see you on my order page.
Of course, if this is your first encounter with my music, I bet you'll really like my first album Guide Dogs, First Hand
my second, The Guide Dog Glee Club, or my fourth, Diabetes Melodious. Finally, if you want to see what else I sing about, feel free to peruse the list of songs you can select From The Song Banks of Laurel Creek.
Don't forget to share the fun with your friends!



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