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Digipak Text and Art Work Descriptions

It is important to me that my albums be completely accessible to everyone who purchases them. To that end, on this page you will find descriptions of the layout and art work, as well as the text which is found on each panel of the digipak and on the pages in the removable booklet.
If you are giving this album to a blind or visually impaired person who is not able to access this web page, please contact me and I'll happily provide this information in one of the following formats: Email, MS-Word, plain text file or braille.

On this page, each panel has its own heading.

General Description

If your CD is still shrink-wrapped, you'll notice a sticker at 12:00. This is just for use by stores. It makes the CDs easier to scan when they're sitting in a display rack.

Once your digipak is unwrapped, for orientation purposes, think of it as a book. The front cover is located on the panel which you'll open to the left to then discover the fun that lies inside. There is also writing on the spines of the package, at 9:00 and at 3:00.
As you open the digipak, you'll notice a panel on the left which has a diagonal pocket containing a booklet  and a second panel in the middle. The right-most section contains the clear flexible tray which holds the CD. When the CD is removed, there is text and art work under the tray, which shows through. If you fold the tray section back in, to the left so it covers the middle panel, you'll find a panel which I'll call "back of tray. If you continue to fold the digipak to the left so that the "back of tray" panel covers the "left panel", you'll notice the real back cover
Did that make sense? If you're holding the digipak during this description, go ahead and flip back to the front cover and enjoy the details!

Outside Sticker

The text appears only on the top edge of the sticker. The sides of the tape which cover the front and back of the digipak are completely clear.
The text reads: Veronica Elsea Diabetes Melodious.
Then my bar code is displayed.

The spines

The text on the two spines, at 9:00 and 3:00 is identical. Written in white lettering on a black background, it reads:
Diabetes Melodious CD# LC-610
Note: In case you're curious, this is my Laurel Creek Music Designs catalog number, which is almost never actually used by anyone.

Front Cover

Over a black background, along with the album title and my name, there is a picture of me juggling several items. You see me from the waist up, with my right hand extended out, palm up in the position to toss an item in the air. I have a look of concentration on my face and am wearing a cream-colored top. The items which I'm juggling surround me in a circle. Going clockwise, starting at my right hand, the items are: an orange, a blood glucose meter, a calculator, a measuring cup, a vial of insulin, an insulin pump and an alarm clock. The measuring cup is right over my head. Over my left shoulder, between the measuring cup and the insulin vial, written in blue are the words, Diabetes Melodious. Near my left elbow, written in white, are the words Veronica Elsea.

Inside Left Panel

This is the panel with the diagonal-shaped pocket which holds the booklet.
In the upper left corner, there is an orange. This orange looks more like a Florida orange whereas the one on the cover looks more like a nice juicy California variety.
Super-imposed over the orange is the word, Credits, written in black. The remainder of this panel contains the following text, written in white lettering over a black background:

Produced and published by Laurel Creek Music Designs
Santa Cruz, California

Music and lyrics composed and performed by Veronica Elsea

Technical assistance
Studio design, programming and hand holding: Peter Elsea
Assistance with sample editing: Peter Elsea

Cover photograph: Peter Elsea, Santa Cruz, California

Design and graphics: Elizabeth Stehman, Rittenhouse Graphics, Macungie, Pennsylvania

You can find more detailed information about the creation of this CD along with the text of this insert and descriptions of the photos at


The front cover of the booklet is identical to that of the digipak.
The back cover of the booklet contains everything found on the back cover of the digipak along with the following text at the bottom of the middle column on the lower part of the panel:

Music and lyrics composed and performed by Veronica Elsea
Song lyrics are available in alternative formats from Laurel Creek Music Designs.

Inside the booklet, you'll find the complete song lyrics and a short artist bio.

Inside Middle Panel

Over a white background, at the top there is the large title in the same blue font found on the cover, which says: Dedication.
In the center of this panel, there is a picture of me in my studio, working the mixer. One of my hands is on a fader and the other is on one of the buttons. My head is slightly turned, looking at the camera. I have a very big smile on my face and am wearing a blue top. You can also see various bits of gear: parts of computer and synthesizer keyboards, monitor, racks of gear.
The text, written in black lettering is placed above, to the left of and below the picture. Note: For ease of reading, I'm keeping all of the text together here. I suspect you can guess where it divides though.

Dedication text:

This CD was created for those of you who live with diabetes. Whether it affects your body, or that of someone you care about, I hope that in this recording, you'll find laughter, support, respect, courage, acceptance and a song with your name on it!
This is not a "how to" CD. It's a "what is" collection of songs which tell the stories of our every-day lives.
I would especially like to dedicate this CD to the memory of my friend, Gail Ferguson, who lost her argument with diabetes in 2002. Of course, I can't help wondering if these songs might have helped her deal with the fear and denial she so stubbornly kept to herself. But I do know she would have loved them! We would have had some great chats about them, sitting at her kitchen table.
"I miss you, Gail. May your feisty spirit always be in my main support group!"
Thanks to Peter, my hubby, for loving and supporting me through all the ups and downs of these past 22 years of living with diabetes.
And thanks to Vicki, my twin sister, for making me laugh when I didn't want to and for helping me sing cuz it makes me feel better!

The CD

The CD itself is black. The main text is found towards the center, as follows:
At 12:00: Diabetes Melodious (Diabetes is in silver, Melodious is in white.)
At 3:00: Produced by Laurel Creek Music Designs (in silver)
Total time: 62:02 (in white)
At 6:00: Veronica Elsea (in blue)
At 9:00: The Laurel Creek Music Designs logo in silver

Going in a circle, close to the edge of the CD, in silver is the following text:
© and (p) 2010 Veronica Elsea
Laurel Creek Music Designs
1306 Laurel St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3519
Phone: 831-429-6407 or toll-free: 877-607-6407

Under the clear CD Tray

Arranged like the spokes on a wheel you see various diabetes-related items. Starting at about 1:00, they are: an insulin pump, a test strip bottle, a lancing device, an insulin vial, a "Fiber 1" candy bar, a calculator and a blood glucose meter.

Embossed into the tray itself, in very small type, is the following text: Made from 100% post-consumer, recycled plastic. Patent pending.

On Back of tray

Over a white background, this panel is divided into two sections, upper and lower. The headings are in blue, the text is in black. The sections are separated by a syringe, which is pointing to the right. The text in the lower section is divided into two columns.

Upper section text:
The Instruments of Diabetes

If you live with diabetes, then you already know how often during the day you hear those familiar sounds of diabetes management. Naturally, I had to make those sounds a part of our CD.
So I recorded the sounds of several blood glucose monitors, insulin pumps, lancing devices and test strip bottles, which I used or borrowed.
Yes, many finger sticks were actually done in the name of art! Just imagine this as you listen to some of the unusual percussion sounds.
It was also quite entertaining having to explain the extra boluses which showed up on my insulin pump's log! At least now I know exactly where the speaker is on my pump!

I selected 161 sounds, which I  then placed into a sampling synthesizer and assigned to keys on my keyboard. Since I have not processed or altered them at all, if you listen carefully, you just might recognize your favorite brand of device.

Here is the syringe!

Lower section text:

Diabetes Instruments:
(left column)
Insulin pumps:
Disetronic H-tron V100
Disetronic D-tron+
Smiths Medical, Deltec Cozmo 1800

Blood Glucose Meters:
FreeStyle Lite
FreeStyle (original)
BD Longitude
Accu-Chek VoiceMate (the talking meter)
Sof-Tact (the all-in-one meter that lances and has a vacuum pump which seals against your arm as it draws the sample)

(right column)
Lancing Devices:
BD lancing devices
Sof-tact meter
Unbranded devices which came with the mentioned meters

Note: Since you've taken the trouble to spend this much time reading on my web site, I'll let you in on a little secret. I left out one blood glucose meter when I wrote up this list. Sorry about that, Compact meter!

Back cover

This panel is divided into two sections, upper and lower, with the upper section taking up roughly 20 per cent of the panel.
Upper section: The background is black. On the left, in the same blue font, it says, Diabetes Melodious. To the right of that, in white, it says, Veronica Elsea. Further to the right is my bar code, which is 7 0026130435 9.

Lower section: The background is a very light printing, like a water mark. You see my hands on the keys of part of a synthesizer keyboard. If you look carefully, you can also see part of a shelf and other gear in my studio. But you have to look very carefully to see this entire background.
Over this background, is text in three columns, written in black.
Left column:
Living with diabetes – The stories you thought no one else could tell!
Below the text is the Laurel Creek Music Designs logo, which I describe on my credits page.

Middle column, track names and lengths:
1.  Why? 3:24
2.  My First Date Since…   6:22
3.  Open Your Mind Or Shut Your Mouth! 4:45
4.  Good-bye, Old Friends  5:27
5.  Honey, Are You Low?  4:23
6.  In Exam Room Number Two  3:17
7.  My HNO  7:27
8.  Is It Just Me?  4:25
9.  The Numbers Game  3:46
10.  Fingers, Calm My Fears!  6:19
11. A Tough Guy  3:32
12.  Just A Pain In The…  3:49
13.  The Promise  4:32

Composed, arranged and performed by Veronica Elsea

Right column:
© (copyright) 2010 Veronica Elsea
Laurel Creek Music Designs
1306 Laurel Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3519
Phone: (831) 429-6407 or toll-free: (877) 607-6407

If any of these descriptions are unclear, or if you have any questions about them, by all means, contact me and I'll do my best to clear up the confusion!
And now that you've gotten your own private preview of the packaging, feel free to learn even more about Diabetes Melodious. And if you haven't purchased your copy yet, I hope to see you on my order page.
Of course, if this is your first encounter with my music, I bet you'll really like my first album Guide Dogs, First Hand
or my second, The Guide Dog Glee Club. If you're Christmas shopping, don't miss my third album, We Woof You A Merry Christmas! Finally, if you want to see what else I can sing about, feel free to peruse the list of songs you can select From The Song Banks of Laurel Creek.
Don't forget to share the fun with your friends!

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