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Hardy Birthday

Veronica Elsea

Were you expecting a Christmas song? For those of you of the Christian persuasion, this really is one. For the rest of you, do you have a birthday to celebrate around this time of year? Two of my retired guides are celebrating birthdays this month, as are several of my human friends. We are all celebrating the birth of a new year soon. I will be receiving a new Seeing Eye Dog, who is likely celebrating a birthday right about now.

So I can think of no reason why I shouldn't assemble a birthday song for all of you. And here it is, courtesy of the newest member of The Guide Dog Glee Club, Hardy.

This picture shows me grooming Hardy, my retired German Shepherd Seeing Eye Dog. My right hand is over his back. He has his head turned, looking at me, just about to give me a schlurp. If you haven't heard the dogs before, you're in for quite a treat. If you have, here's one for your collection.

Please feel free to share this with your human and canine friends. Just remember to honor the copyright or some lawyer just may growl at you and threaten to steal your favorite bone.

Just don't bury this page with that favorite bone unless you plan to dig it up often and see how it has changed!

Download Hardy Birthday (mp3, 1.2MB)

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